Refactoring Your BlogRoll

Back in July, I began an article on How to Manage Your Blogroll. Managing your blogrolls and managing your RSS-feeds is really all about “staying in touch” with wonderful, intelligent, funny or witty people. Be careful who you delete. Be careful who you add. It’s all about reputation. It’s about the global conversation, and taking a ride on the ClueTrain. It’s all about loving and respecting people. It’s all about the cycles of life, your circle of concern, and your circles of influence. It’s all about listening more than you talk.

God gave us two ears and one mouth, to remind us to listen more than we talk. My blog roll is full of links to many people that I have never met-in-person. I may disagree with some of the things they write, but I love and respect them all.

So, I was talking about various rules you might use — to know when to delete blogs from your list. Is there a book on blogroll refactoring? How do you know when to delete a link from your blogroll?